Our shoot with Lauren was an artistic journey that tells the story of a whimsical girl on a beach.  Our goal was to capture this talented girl in a raw, organic way; to show all the emotions and thoughts a girl may have.  Combining the imagery with this perfectly crafted soundtrack, we were left with a cinematic piece we will always treasure.


We loved so many things about this project.  We loved how hard our models, the owner, and our team worked.  We loved the locations we were given.  But the best part was seeing this all come together.  

Outskirts Clothing has created a very unique product for brides and is based in Portland, OR.  We chose to combine those elements are part of the story.  And you what you see is what we ended up with.  I believe this is a good example of when needed, we can work with a larger crew and still deliver.


These ridiculously good-looking models are just as kind and loving as they are beautiful.  We discovered them while they were on a date.  During the shoot, we just simply asked them to be themselves as we captured their perfect romance.  The style of the edit is similar to Lauren above.  However, because of the dreamy, 50's love-feel of their story, we chose to add some extra old-film effects.  We can't wait to use them for another project in the future.