minimalism:  doing more with less


Probably one of the most frequent things we get when we show up to an establishment is "Oh, I thought you were going to have a big van full of equipment and a huge camera with a bunch of lighting."  Nope.  :)

When we started Kabja, we wanted to create what we later called the "Minimalistic Approach", which is centered around the idea of


Technology has progressed immensely in the last decade.  Cameras, stabilizers, sound recorders, and lighting have gotten smaller while producing better quality.  We've taken advantage of this, and in fact, in a way, are proud of it.  We thrive on the thought of someone having doubt because of showing up with a tiny camera, but then being amazed when they see the final product.

This DOESN'T mean we won't have the right equipment to complete your project.  (Take a look at the quality in our portfolio)  This also doesn't mean we won't have extra people or extra cameras when your project needs it.  But it DOES mean that predominantly we have learned to work with less, meaning we need fewer people, less space, less setup time, and are more agile from location to location.  We can also fit into more spaces and complete many scenes with ease that are very challenging for bigger camera rigs.

HOW DO YOU BENEFIT FROM THIS? We are able to carry on our work without being in your way. Instead of having to shut down an area in your establishment, we can work right along side your employees.