Photoshoot: Perry Street Brewing

When we first walked into Perry Street Brewing, we immediately loved the atmosphere of the space.  Beautiful patio area, great bar, PERFECT natural light coming in through the huge door, and couldn't help but see the incredible food being delivered to the tables.  Here are a few shots we captured while doing a brief shoot this last week.  Enjoy!


We are always looking to innovate.  And taking one of the best pieces of marketing material, a video testimonial, and giving it a fresh twist is something we were all about.  Using quotes from the people and keeping the shots organic did a few things:

  1. Not having to speak on camera put the clients (who are already going out of their way) tremendously at ease.
  2. Without any interviews, the setup times were drastically reduced and the shoot was able to be completed much more quickly.
  3. Capturing the customers in their natural setting made them feel more real and less acted or staged.

See for yourself and feel free to post comments below.