We loved producing these films for Hazelnut Dental in Beaverton, OR. In combination with one of the beautiful family’s you could find, their minimal office with large windows lent itself well to our style of using only natural/available light. In addition, we were able to find the perfect field at sunset to create stunning, warm imagery to lace throughout their film.

Hazelnut Dental is a practice that believes in transparency, honesty, and education. When asked what Dr. Kim does as a hobby, he said “I’m a family man.” This was heartwarming and became the theme of the films.

They chose for us to create a total of three videos, one Cinematic Story (seen above), a social media edit of their Story, and then a Homepage Video, which will be a looping background for their site’s homepage.


social media edit

Because so many are on their phones today, creating a 30 second edit of the main film with text on the screen helps guarantee the message will get across to the viewer.

A looping video on your homepage adds increased interest. We commended Hazelnut Dental for understanding the importance and requesting for it to be part of their project.