Engagement Film Special!

Getting engaged?!  

Want to tell your friends to Save the Date? Tell your love story with a film by us!

We'll be back in New York the month of May and we have open time slots!

Check out an example:

only $1000 through May 1st! (50% discount!)


  • Full day (6-8hrs) of shooting in your favorite location (or we can choose the location).
  • 10 photos from the day
  • One minute edit based on the style you chose.  (Black and white, Vintage, or Dreamy)
    • Custom royalty-free soundtrack is included
    • Two different files.  One for posting on Instagram and to keep on your mobile device and the other to be uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo. 


  • If you want a longer video, we can create another longer edit with the same or different music.
  • Custom Narration.  If you'd like to say sweet things to your loved, such as reading a poem or letter, we can add that in over the top of the music.
  • Adding Motion Graphics.  We can add text and shapes to help tell your story.
  • More locations or more shooting time.
NEED MORE DETAILS?  Drop us an email or DM us on Instagram!